Rice Lake Post Officers 2019-2020

star Commander: Jim Greger
star 1st Vice: Russ Rindsig
star 2nd Vice: Gilbert E. White
star Chaplain: Richard Powers
star Service Officer: Mel Bjugstad
star Adjutant: Gilbert E. White
star Finance: James Kriska
star Sgt at Arms: Paul Lewis
star Asst. Sgt at Arms: Robert Mancl
star Member at Large: Sam Samshall
star Member at Large: Kenneth Nelson

At the June, 2019 meeting we installed all of

the Executive Officers;

Cmdr, 1st and 2nd Vice, Finance Officer,

Members at Large, and Sgt at Arms.

The Ladies Auxiliary were also inducted.

Adjutant and Chaplain are an Appointed Position by the commander.


Here are the 2019-2020 Officers that were sworn in!

New Officers1



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